I have a fun story from Young Life tonight. Our ministry is primarily to adolescents, but when it bleeds over to others, I can’t help but not share so here we go:

Tonight for club we did “Pizza Olympics.” I called three different pizza companies and ordered a pizza at the same exact time. I called Domino’s, Pizza Hut, & Papa Johns. Sure enough arriving 15 minutes early was the delivery guy from Domino’s, who happened to be an elderly man. As he walked up the stairs, he was greeted by over fifty students yelling “Dom-in-no’s! Dom-in-no’s!” He walks through a tunnel filled with more Domino’s cheers and abundant high-fives. It took him a solid minute to reach me. He finally meets me at the stage, and I explain to him that we were doing a competition and he came in first. I ask his name, and he says “Mark.” Immediately, all the students started cheering “Mark! Mark! Mark!” for a good few seconds. Once the crowd calmed down, I asked him what his strategy was, and he said: “Be fast.” Immediately, every kid once again started chanting, “Be fast! Be fast! Be fast!” Then he left with a HUGE smile on his face as kids continued to shout “Mark! Mark! Mark!”

At the end of the night, my leader that escorted him upstairs told me that as he was leaving, he said, “That was the first time in my life that I’ve ever been cheered for, and it was incredible.” Apparently, he drove off with a toothy grin while honking his horn.

Not only do I love telling students about Jesus but I love when others feel the love of Christ in unexpected ways.