It’s no secret that little girls adore princesses. From themed birthday parties to halloween costumes, the obsession is evident. Clearly princesses are beautiful, and they also have all the desirable characteristics: kind, servant-hearted, inclusive, hard-working, thoughtful…the list could go on. These qualities are reason enough to admire them, but even stronger than admiration is the desire to be like them. And to be loved like them. Loved in the way Prince Charming comes around and is totally infatuated with the princess. But before settling down with him, there are sometimes “Gaston” characters (think Beauty and the Beast) that get in the way. The princess must be wise enough to wait for the better man, and thankfully she does.

For those of us watching the movie, we are pulling for Prince Charming. We want the cliché happy ending. Unfortunately, what we see in movies is too often the opposite of what happens in real life. Girls are constantly settling for Gaston rather than waiting for Prince Charming.

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