Pack like a pro with Shacke Paks

For many, packing for an upcoming trip may be overwhelming. A few years ago, a friend who had just traveled to Europe recommended that Mallory and I buy two sets of Shacke Paks. Before owning these, I typically attempted to pack my duffel in an organized fashion, you know, shirts on one side of my bag, pants on the other, miscellaneous things on top. However, when we arrived at our destination, my organized bag quickly became a disaster. That is where Shacke Paks come in to save the day!

With each set of Shacke Paks, you get four bags ranging from small to extra-large as well as a bag for your dirty clothes. They are perfect for underwear/socks, t-shirts, nicer shirts, and pants. Now, when we travel, instead of my duffel becoming a jumbled mess I pull out each Shacke Pak bag and throw them into drawers without even taking them out of their designated Shacke Pak. This makes packing, unpacking, and repacking a breeze!

One nice thing about the Shacke Paks is they condense your clothing so that you can fit that extra shirt or pair of pants that you may have left behind otherwise.

Also, these Shacke Paks fit perfectly into my recommended carry-on bag, making packing for your next excursion a delight. Snag your set of Shacke Pak’s and take the worry out of packing for all your future trips.


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