Best Pour of Guinness in Galway

After Mallory and I landed in Dublin for our vacation in Ireland, one of the first things I wanted to do was enjoy a Guinness. I am not much of a Guinness drinker in the States, but I knew when I was in Ireland, I wanted to enjoy the beverages of the Irish. We hopped in our rental car and headed to Galway, where we were staying for the next couple of evenings.

We checked into our Airbnb. Had some great conversations with our hosts and asked them where we should eat dinner and where I could get Guinness. The girlfriend of our host said “Freeney’s Bar has the best pour of Guinness in Galway.” The best pour?

This was a phrase I had not heard yet, but in Ireland, Guinness has a stronghold on branding and how their famous beer is served across the country. If done properly, it should take 119.5 seconds to pour and serve Guinness. It is tough to find a restaurant/bar in America that knows how to serve a Guinness properly.

How to achieve the “perfect pour.”

When an Irish bartending pours you a Guinness, it’s mesmerizing & mouthwatering. The Guinness is poured at a 45-degree angle, filled to 3/4s, and set before you so that you can watch the nitro-bubbles float to the top and create a magnificent head. Then, after the bartender sees that you are drooling, he finishes it off and gives you this:

The best pour of Guinness in Galway.

So, if you’re spending the first night of your Ireland vacation in Galway, check out Freeney’s Bar in the Latin Quarter for the best pour of Guinness in Galway. FYI: They are a cash-only establishment.


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