Our 3 Favorite Restaurants in Galway.

We didn’t spend much time in Galway because we were only in Ireland for a week, but while we were there, we had GREAT meals at these three restaurants that we would highly recommend you visit during your stay:

Ard Bia at Nimmos

This fun little restaurant served up some delicious creative Irish dishes. When we went I enjoyed a potato mash type meal that was out of this world. They had a great variety of options so you will find something you like here. Don’t forget to knock out seeing the Spanish Arch while you’re there!

Generous portions are served at Ard Bia. We left full!

The Pie Maker

Our Airbnb host’s girlfriend worked here and raved about how good the pies were. This was no empty promotion because these savory pies were GOOD. Just a note: This is not a dessert pie place. While they sold dessert pies they are primarily a savory pie establishment.

The pictures don’t quite do it justice. These pies were amazing.


If you want to get some great fish and chips, look no further than McDonagh’s. This place was incredible and had fair prices. It’s also right on the Latin Quarter so if you are not staying nearby, this would be a great place to grab some grub while you are in the area.

Tradition fish and chips at McDonagh’s.

All of these restaurants are located around the Latin Quarter. So, if you are not staying around these parts, enjoy your time walking around and eating great food during your visit.


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