Three great restaurants we loved in Cork.

The second city we decided to call home for two nights/three days in Ireland was Cork. Unfortunately, while we were in Cork we experience some pretty rainy days which kept us from truly enjoying the city, but we did have two fantastic dinners in town that we would recommend to anyone.

Franciscan Well Brewery & Brewpub

Our first night we ate at this amazing brewery that had incredible pizza and local craft beers. You can come here and only grab a drink or share a fairly priced pizza. We actually came back here the following night for drinks and to listen to an Irish storyteller, but he ended up not being able to make it because he was ill. So, we just enjoyed great drinks!

Elbow Lane Brew and Smoke House

I’ll go ahead and say it, I believe this is a must-visit restaurant in Cork. It was hands down the best restaurant we ate at in Ireland and we had some darn good food while we were there. Heck, they made cauliflower taste out of this world. Cauliflower! They have delicious grilled and smoked meats, incredible sides, and their own selection of local craft brews. Add this place to your list, you will thank me later!

As a Big Green Egghead and USA BBQ fan, I can say this place was worth every penny!

For a great traditional Irish breakfast: The Farmgate Cafe

During our first morning in Cork, we really wanted to get a traditional Irish breakfast so we headed to The Farmgate Cafe and after reading great reviews. It exceeded expectations! With a great selection, good coffee, and a fun atmosphere located inside the English Market I imagine this place would be tough to beat. You can even try blood pudding (which I did and don’t recommend) to get the true Irish experience.

If you find yourself spending a morning, lunch, or evening in Cork, you can’t go wrong if you select one of these great restaurants!


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