Why I Love My Solly Baby Wrap

My firstborn, Owen, is almost a year and a half old, and there are a few items I have quickly learned I can not live without as a mom. One of those items is the Solly Baby wrap. Whether I am trying to get chores done around the house or I am traveling the world, this wrap is a necessity.

Benefits of Babywearing

When Owen was just a few weeks old, he, like all newborns, was happiest when held. It is incredibly sweet and comforting to hold your newborn baby, but can also be exhausting if it is needed 24/7, especially when you have other things you’d like to do.

Owen at one-month-old in the Solly Baby wrap

Several weeks into the new world of parenthood, Graham was back at work and the rest of our family had all left town, and I found myself at a loss for how to do anything but hold the baby. I looked up a quick video on how to tie the wrap (it’s basically one long piece of fabric and looks confusing) and discovered a different new world of holding baby WHILE doing other things. Not only was I able to accomplish dishes, cooking, laundry, etc. but Owen was content to be snuggled close to mom. Newborns LOVE to be warm and wrapped tightly like when in the womb, and also to be near people and hear your heartbeat so babywearing accomplished all of that.

Solly Baby Wrap as Your Baby Grows

While I loved the wrap for a newborn, I have also been so pleased that I can continue to use it even as Owen has grown. We traveled abroad when he was 10 months old and I was able to comfortably and safely wrap and wear him as we ventured out into cities.

He was OUT while we shopped in Germany

Depending on the size of the child, you can choose to tie it differently and either face them in or out so you both are comfortable. As you can see in the pictures, for my newborn I chose to bunch his feet up inside and for my 10-month old I chose to wrap it between his legs with his feet out. The Solly Baby website has videos that explain the correct way to wrap it. Once I did it once while watching the video, I was confident moving forward on my own.

Features of the Solly Baby Wrap

  • Machine-Washable – This is a significant feature for any baby item due to drool, spit-up, blowouts, etc.
  • Compact – It has a pocket sewn onto it so you can wrap the whole thing into itself and easily pack it in your diaper bag.
  • Colors/Pattern Options – I have the Marengo and love that it goes with whatever I wear.
  • Wrap Options – Depending on the size of your baby, you’ll want to wrap the baby differently and there are helpful tutorials on the website to show you your options.

You Won’t Regret This Purchase

I’m sure there are lots of babywearing contraptions on the market, but my experience with the Solly Baby wrap has led me to recommend it to anyone I know with/expecting a baby. It is well worth the $65 in my opinion, as I have used it too many times to count in just a year with my firstborn. I hope that if you buy it, you love it as much as I do!!


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